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Spiritual Coaching

Five years ago, I felt called to pursue spiritual coaching after some traumatic relationships and physical health experiences. These intense challenges led me on a deeply healing spiritual journey which completely transformed my self-loathing, intense fear/anxiety/PTSD, victim mentality and hopelessness into deep peace, self-worth and self-love. I also experienced a full physical recovery in ways I never imagined possible when I was sick for so many years. The illness had caused me to become disabled and lose my identity and true sense of purpose. I now fully know that we can heal ourselves from within through the love of a Higher Power, which is really, just Love, our own Love for ourselves. I am so grateful for these experiences because after receiving my own spiritual coaching and healing, and the guidance of the spiritual counseling certification I completed, I have truly found a love for myself and my life again.

Don't let anyone ever tell you you cannot cure your "depression, anxiety, PTSD," or any other "mental health disorder". I did, and I have seen clients and others in my life cure theirs. You absolutely can.

I now live with joy, peace, courage, freedom and purpose every day. I continue to learn new ways to love myself and others and to “walk the talk” of love. I have remembered how to live a life following deep inner guidance and knowing (intuition), which has led me to make the highest and best choices for my life and has transformed my life miraculously.

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"Kel brings the depth of her training and experience to spiritual coaching. She connects easily with your inner child and opens the way for a Divine and healing conversation. I highly recommend her services."
-Deanna D.
*Please note these testimonials are from coaching clients only and associated with my caching program, and are not in any way associated with my clinical mental health practice- They are NOT by mental health therapy clients.
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