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A Course In Miracles Coaching/Mentorship

A Course In Miracles saved my life. It is the only way I have found True answers that end my suffering and fear every single day. Our potential for miracles is infinite and I desire to help others find their joy through the Course's powerful teachings. I now fully know that we can heal ourselves from within through the love of Holy Spirit. I have truly found a love for myself and my life again.

I now live with joy, peace, courage, freedom and purpose every day. I continue to learn new ways to love myself and others and to “walk the talk” of love. I have remembered how to live a life following deep inner guidance and knowing (intuition), which has led me to make the highest and best choices for my life and has transformed my life miraculously.

I integrate somatic work (connecting with the body), inner child work and visualization, and most importantly, my inner guidance, to direct my sessions. I am here only to be truly helpful. The teacher of God learns just as much from their students as their students learn from them. I am a happy learner!


I facilitate ACIM and support groups in the ACIM community. I also host A Course in Miracles Gather radio show called "Many Miracles" every Monday. I am passionate about working with anyone who is willing and desires to live a life applying Course Truths, to find joy, peace, and your bliss. In addition, If you are interested in beginning or developing your understanding of “the Course,” I can offer mentoring and direction as a coach. I love working with beginners or advanced Course students. When I started reading the Course almost 20 years ago, it may has well been in a different language. Now when I read it, I can understand it as if it is my own voice. I feel like every time I read it it changes my DNA! Clients and mentees have told me that I have a truly helpful and unique way of honoring and bridging our lived emotional experience to the path of Truth. 

The TRUTH is that you are beautiful, miraculous and perfect, full of only love and light. You can truly heal anything and live the life that you desire, because you DESERVE it. You are meant to be happy.

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"I am so grateful for the great gift of Kel’s spiritual coaching. She listens with such precision that when she reflects back to me what she has heard me tell her, I actually learn more about myself! When I felt stuck and overwhelmed her sweet curiosity led me deep within myself and guided me to find my inner clarity and wisdom. And to boot, she brings intuition and the brilliance of ACIM to her work."
-Laurel E.

*Please note these testimonials are from coaching clients only and associated with my caching program, and are not in any way associated with my clinical mental health practice- They are NOT by mental health therapy clients.
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