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Many Miracles Coaching
Certified Spiritual Coach, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Hypnotist, Retreat Facilitator, Speaker, Minister, ACIM Teacher

Therapy Sessions
About me

Hi! I'm Kel. I am deeply passionate about working with people who are willing to find a way to be happier and more at peace but they just don't know how. I have transformed my life miraculously from a life crippled with fear and illness to a life of deep peace, joy and self-love. I know how to help others find a path within themselves to be truly happy regardless of what has happened to them or what they have done.

What People Say:

"Kel offered very peaceful guidance and a new perspective in how I approach my life "problems". She is an attentive listener, non-intrusive, non-judging and very easy to talk to. I am a typical self-helper, but when I finally came to terms with a personal issue that had ben a reoccurring theme, no matter how man self-help books or tactics I tried, I decided to contact her. It was truly a helpful experience and gave my mind a whole other way to look at the problem."

-Caroline B.

"Kel brings the depth of her training and experience to spiritual coaching. She connects easily with your inner child and opens the way for a Divine and healing conversation. I highly recommend her services."
-Deanna D.

"I am so grateful for the great gift of Kel’s spiritual coaching. She listens with such precision that when she reflects back to me what she has heard me tell her, I actually learn more about myself! When I felt stuck and overwhelmed her sweet curiosity led me deep within myself and guided me to find my inner clarity and wisdom. And to boot, she brings intuition and the brilliance of ACIM to her work."
-Laurel E.

*Please note these testimonials are from coaching clients only and associated with my coaching program, and are not in any way associated with clients from my clinical mental health therapy practice
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